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Muscular Pain Physiotherapist in Indirapuram

Muscular pain (Myalgia) the most common cause of this ailment is over-stretching or over use of the muscles that creates pain in the muscles. It is one of the most common ailments found in recent times as now people are more inclined towards work with less mount of rest and exercises. It not only affects a single muscle but affects group of muscles. This pain reaches to its extreme level when it is accompanied by different other pains like pain in ligament, cartilages and tandons. The most common symptoms that are easily found in the body is fever it indicates that now body in not in a position to sustain so much of stress and workload now it's time to take care of the body with proper recovery.

The main reasons for these types of pain could be over work, very less use of the body, activities in long stretch. Muscles cover our complete body not a single portion or organ of the body is left where the muscles are not found so this could be the reasons that the muscle pain can occur at any part in the body be it neck ,upper back ,lower back ,legs ,shoulders etc. Once the causes of the pain are known it can be eliminated with the help of physiotherapist and could be shunned in the near future as well.

One of the best treatments for victims of the muscular pain is only through muscular pain. Physiotherapist thoroughly understand your problem and provide you with various physiotherapy exercises that work as healing agent on the pain site , they conduct several test to check the causes of the pain that is hindering the health of the patient. Physiotherapist has vast knowledge about the treatments, drugs and exercises that are very effective for the patients. The exercises and treatments provided by them are very cost effective and very reliable.

Our clinic is equipped with following kind of physiotherapy services.

Short wave diathermy (SWD)
Cervical traction and lumbar traction
Ultrasonic therapy US
Muscle stimulator
Hot/cold pack
Wax bath

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