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Doctor for Neck Pain in Indirapuram

"If you are facing regular neck pain then you should not ignore it as this can affect your personal as well as professional life"

Most of the time neck pain is due to cervical issues. Cervical pain occurs where discs become thinner, the facet joints become worn and the spaces between the bones become narrower. Our physiotherapists has years of experience from renowned hospitals in Delhi and they are able to handle your regular neck pain because we can understand how neck pain can affect your social life. You will get 100% satisfaction during the treatment because we want to make you healthy so that you can tell everyone about our neck pain physiotherapy.

We will tell you to perform right physio exercises for neck. Here are some important neck pain physiotherapy exercises which can cure your neck pain after taking neck pain physiotherapy treatment.

Neck Tilt
Neck Tilt(side to side)
Neck Turn
Neck Stretch

Our clinic is equipped with following kind of physiotherapy services.

Short wave diathermy (SWD)
Cervical traction and lumbar traction
Ultrasonic therapy US
Muscle stimulator
Hot/cold pack
Wax bath

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