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Neuro Physiotherapy Indirapuram

Nerves they are the most important part in the human body without their proper functioning the human body cannot survive and work in systematic pattern. Nerves are found in every part of the body they transmit signals from the body to the different organs and from organs to the brain. Brain handles every minute information effectively and efficiently.

This is our nervous system that helps us to take right decision and day to day working in life like walking, sleeping, standing, sitting etc. if we need to perform any work firstly brain gives signal to perform the work with the help of nerves and those signals are sent to different organs and they act accordingly in the pattern brain has informed so that function is performed correctly. They are most important system in the body which is required for the human survival and are embedded inside the skin and are prone to electrochemical imbalances.

Imbalance or disorder in the human body cannot be avoided as they are caused due to injuries, age, lifestyle and environmental conditions prevailing the body. To recover from these disturbances person need to consult with the physiotherapist for physical therapy. They provide patient with neurological treatments such as mobility treatments, muscle, sensory, spasticity and fatigue treatment.

Physiotherapist with the help of their experience and examination provide patient with the treatments that have wide potential to overcome from this neurological disturbances. If the ailment is increased could lead to a serious problem as the ailment is related to nerves and the nerves are widespread and important network in our body so that needs to be taken care seriously. Any of the nerve is affected by any kind of injury or fatigue can cause problem to the body as body will not function properly as per the requirement.

Our clinic is equipped with following kind of physiotherapy services.

Short wave diathermy (SWD)
Cervical traction and lumbar traction
Ultrasonic therapy US
Muscle stimulator
Hot/cold pack
Wax bath

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