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Pain Doctor in Indirapuram

In today's fast going life people are ignoring their diet and body fitness which can be the main cause for different kind of body pains but right pain doctors(also called Physiotherapists) can help you to improve your body strength and cure your body pain naturally.

Here are different type of body pain and cause of body pain.

Generally people can face acute pain and chronic pain.

Acute body Pain

Acute body pain results from an illness or event, such as injury or surgery. It generally occurs suddenly, then gradually diminishes or stops on its own or with medical treatment. Acute pain can vary from mild to severe, and may last for weeks or months. If treated properly, acute body pain will subside within six months. If left untreated, acute pain may lead to chronic pain.

Chronic body pain

Chronic body pain is pain that persists over time and may have no apparent cause, even after an injury has healed or an illness has subsided. Chronic pain can persist for weeks or even years. Sufferers of chronic pain may find it unbearable, resulting in loss of sleep and lack of ability to function normally. Important: If you or someone you know suffers from acute or chronic body pain, make sure to see a pain doctor for diagnosis and treatment options.

Physiotherapy treatment should be used as directed.

Back or body pain can have any of a number of causes

In addition to causing acute pain, some of these things can also cause more serious back injuries that require medical attention. Causes include ligament or muscle strains or sprains, muscle spasms, or arthritic or swollen joints. Things that can cause strains, sprains, or spasms include:

Poor posture

Poor physical condition

Using muscles, ligaments, or joints for activities for which they're not conditioned or of which they're not capable

Excessive or improper lifting

Sudden awkward movements, like lifting or twisting too quickly

Overly strenuous physical activities

Deterioration of the spine, which often occurs with aging, can contribute to lower back pain, and may often lead to more serious conditions such as spondylosis (arthritis of the spine) or spinal stenosis (narrowing of the space around the spinal cord and nerve roots due to arthritis and bone overgrowth). If you think you may be suffering from more severe back pain, talk to your doctor or experienced physiotherapy clinic near you.

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